“We Can Feel It”


I feel the sun warming us
as the heat building
between us rises
a burst of kaldeioscopic
colors dance on
my closed lids
The cool rock
presses against me
under my spine
while my head rests
in the crook of your arm
butterflies dance
around and within us

Words flow easily
but silence also settles
upon our skin
like soft cotton

Our bodies shift in unison
We open our eyes
just in time to see
two hawks soaring
above it all
the wind gently
cradling their wings

We feel it, sense it
the grace and majesty
of the hushed moment
as we become one
with the sky and earth

In my memories
for all the days to come
I will visualize
how on that day in May
I wrote your name
in invisible ink
across the afternoon sky
and across my heart


2 responses »

  1. I like free-verse that tells a story. So much of what we read today lacks flow, you seemed to have mastered that point. I especially like the duality of your butterfly reference. It works really well.

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