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~In the Shadow~







In the shadow’s inferno
it quickly burns to ash
a love longed for and lost
in a war of silence
in a battle of words

The lashing and cutting
went to the very bone
slicing the marrow and
bleeding all the
poems and stories of
gentler times of lush red

In the valley of memory
times lingers for one more
moment in tender honor
to what was and never shall be
for the Phoenix cannot rise
from this holocaust of fire


~When Gods Die~



When Gods die
The world undulates
Oceans tremble
In the wake
But mortals
Our tale is loosely spun
We Pass through the veil
With barely a sigh
As for me I hope
There will be a whisper
A remembrance of
How I lived and loved
And who I was lucky enough
To have love me
All that matters
Are those touchstones
Which last forever
Through the storms
And the eternal stardust

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You say you need to

take another look around

the chambers of my heart

A tube will be snaked through my vein

make sure the blood is flowing

the muscle pulsing to its best


But it will not, can not

show the life of this woman

the history I have written

into the marrow of my bones

the stories tucked away

in the folds of my soul

My culture dancing on

the surface of my skin

the laughter like effervescent bubbles

gently stored in my belly

The luminescent light

shimmering in my hazel eyes

My gains and my losses

my loves and loss of love


You will see only a snapshot

of pure body function

which allows me to

create, live, breathe, be


Fix me, if needed


so I can heal


every new day

more than I was

each yesterday

~Round Three~

“We Can Feel It”


I feel the sun warming us
as the heat building
between us rises
a burst of kaldeioscopic
colors dance on
my closed lids
The cool rock
presses against me
under my spine
while my head rests
in the crook of your arm
butterflies dance
around and within us

Words flow easily
but silence also settles
upon our skin
like soft cotton

Our bodies shift in unison
We open our eyes
just in time to see
two hawks soaring
above it all
the wind gently
cradling their wings

We feel it, sense it
the grace and majesty
of the hushed moment
as we become one
with the sky and earth

In my memories
for all the days to come
I will visualize
how on that day in May
I wrote your name
in invisible ink
across the afternoon sky
and across my heart





There is a pebble embedded
under my tattered nails
they are raw and ragged
caked with grass and dried mud
full where it should be empty crescent moons

Scratching at the surface
of the frozen ground
I was powerless
but once I felt
the heat radiating from
the core of the mother’s belly
I knew Santorini wasn’t so far away
after all

In the blink of a poet’s third eye
In the bluest blue of the sky
In the blossoming of a lotus I
I could be there and experience
the scent of the ebony sand
the ocean smoothed stones

My fingertips are the guide
as the blackest black ink
travels across the
virgin white parchment paper
creating synapse avenues
completing the circle

Like bubbles of air
I slowly rise to the surface
where this time the earth
is my sister awaiting
my return home



~How I Ache~


You’ll never know

the depth of my desire

to stand in front of you

naked and trembling

waiting for you

to come

to touch me

in all the forbidden places


At night, before I sleep

I imagine

your lips, your mouth, your fingers


my neck, my thighs, my tongue


I’m tied up, knotted

and I ache

oh, man, how I ache












Strange to live with uncertainty
a constant reacquaintance
with the beating of my heart
the shadings of my soul
infused with pale pinks and flushed corals
I feel the pulse
in my throat, on my wrist
but there is a dull ache
insistent presence under my skin
questioning me, wondering
How long have you been dead?
How long will you live?